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      Kingston Fire Equipment Inc.

      For top quality fire equipment, come to Kingston Fire Equipment Inc. of Kingston, NY. We are a D.O.T. approved recharge center, and we also offer fire and safety equipment inspections for your convenience. Visit us at 244 Clinton Avenue Kingston, NY.

      Fire Equipment Dealer - Kingston, NY - Kingston Fire Equipment Inc.
      Kingston Fire Equipment Inc. Offers:
      • Fire equipment sales, installation, and service
      • Fire and safety equipment inspection
      • 24-hour emergency service
      • Refill and hydrotest station
      • Restaurant hood, duct, and exhaust systems
      We offer fire extinguishing systems for restaurants, gas stations, and paint booths.
      Call Kingston Fire Equipment Inc. today at 845-331-3993.

      Contact Information


      Kingston Fire Equipment Inc.
      244 Clinton Avenue
      Kingston, NY 12401

      Methods of Payment:
      MasterCard Visa